Sunday, April 17, 2011

Superstition and Baseball.

    Okay, so my daughter went to an Atlanta Braves game on June 26th. It was bobble head day and she got a free give-a-way Brian Mcann bobble head. Now I am a Phillies fan and can't have a Braves bobble head in my house because I watch baseball and am superstitious about such things, so I told my daughter that it would be bad luck to keep the bobble head and I would buy her a Ryan Howard or Phillie Phanatic Bobble head to replace the one that we, being Phillies fans, must give away... My daughter understood this logic so we set off to find a good home for the bobble head, which I procrastinated at for a few weeks. So I had been driving around with this Curs-ed thing in my car for weeks and the Philles went from six games ahead up to a half game back. So during the Braves, Phillies game on Sunday July 26th, with the Phils six runs down after loosing the fist game of the series I found someone to give the bobble head to. We were eating pizza at our favorite pizza joint watching the Phils let this game spiral out of control, and in a state of desperation I asked the guy at the pizza shop if he wanted the Curs-ed bobble head, he said yes so I ran to the car and grabbed it. He put it by the counter so everyone could see it... and ya know what? By the time we got home the Phills pulled ahead in the game, won the game, and haven't lost since... And we're back in first place by half a game and the Braves haven't won a game since and Brian Mcann... Concussed and on the DL(he got injured in the final game of the Phills Braves series)... Superstition? You tell me...

As a post script to this the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

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