Saturday, April 9, 2011

F$#k you and your f$#king faux-hawk!

Jan 14, 2006

  Does anybody remember D.I.Y.? Do people still have brains or are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Are kids to inept to use safety pins or learn how to sew? Okay now that I got that out of my system... What the fuck happened to punk rock? Kids used to pierce their selves with non-sterile safety pins and tattoo their selves with rusty coat hangers, now every debutant with a bank account and a Visa check card has a back tattoo and their labias pierced and they got it done at the mall while sipping a nonfat strawberry smoothie. Whatever happened to mutilating yourselves with cigarette lighters, razor blades or broken glass, I mean what the fuck! Kids don't think twice anymore about plopping down thirty bucks for a Ramones t-shirt or two-hundred dollars for a pair of creepers... what ever happened to being poor as a teenager, where do these kids get all this money from. It's a fact that kids have money these days and there are all kinds of hip identities prepackaged for sale at your local mall. Teens or pre-teens can just walk into Hot Topic with a couple of hundred bucks or their mommy's charge card and walk out a punk rocker. Why bother being creative when for sixty bucks you can buy a Jacket made to look like it was fished out of Jello Biafra’s' septic tank. Whatever happened to do it yourself. Whatever happened to buying a five dollar jacket from a thrift store some safety pins, and some patches and going to town on a Saturday afternoon. Seriously you can make a whole punk rock wardrobe for the price of a spike studded belt at Hot Topic. Hey kids you want that cool shirt Mick Jones was wearing in that old issue of your sisters NME? Well here's a can of spray paint and some stencils, knock yourself out. Punk rock is not all about spikey hair and safety pins ( it is but not totally) punk is about creativity and energy. It's about turning nothing into something, taking garbage and making art, taking apathy and making anger. It's about taking four no talent hoodlums and making the Ramones. You don't like the music on the radio pick up a guitar, you don't like the latest fashion make your own. The last thing punk rock is about is apathy, you want to slack put on a flannel and listen to grunge. Being punk used to take creativity and effort. I remember a kid who spent three days covering a suit jacket with safety pins, a girl I knew in high school spent every free period in the graphic arts room screen printing her own Sid Vicious and Sex Pistols shirts. This shit took creativity and hours of effort. It is vital and important for us as humans to search out and find an identity or something to identify with, but should we be force fed and sold the shit? Should it be that easy? I came into my punk rock self after a lot of creativity and hard work (and a couple of botched hair dye attempts) and so have all the punks I know. I consider myself punk and I don't even have any piercings or tattoos, and I'm proud of that, I don't have a Mohawk with ten inch spikes, but I've got a punk soul and a D.I.Y. attitude and that's what really counts. Punk is not about convenience, it shouldn't be easy to be a freak. Take the Mohawk, the Mohawk is not a convenient hair style. It takes effort and commitment. It takes effort to spike it just right, and commitment to keep the sides shaved so it doesn’t look ridiculous. Now there are these asswipes who don't make the effort and just slick it up in the middle and don't shave the sides at all. It's called the faux-hawk and it pisses me off. Not since white guys started wearing dread locks have I wanted to commit bodily harm to so many people because of a hair style. Every time I see some douchebag with a skinny tie and a faux-hawk I want to kill something. Punk rock is about effort, if you don't make the effort you bastardize everything punk rock is about therefore rendering your rebellion useless. You're feeding the machine and losing your soul, so fuck you and your fucking faux-hawk. I guess I'm just an old fogey and none of this really matters and no one cares anyway so I'll end with a quote from a Clash song: " I believe in this and will testify as such, he who fucks nuns will later join the church." Until next time I'll catch ya on the flipside.

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