Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The real work begins.

      I have recently begun scanning in, touching up and re-lettering all of the past Olive Loaf strips for the "Twentieth Anniversary Olive Loaf Compendium" which I want to put together to honor the twenty years of suffering I've put dear old Olive Loaf thru... Now I am hoping to include every OL page that I have ever drawn, the OL color online strips, pin-ups, Sketchbook pages, color pages, new strips, and just generally everything that I can jam into the damned thing. The 20th anny doesn't officially begin until 2013 since  I began drawing OL in 93' but it'll probably take that long to pull this whole thing together. On the other side of the coin Bukit Hed also turns twenty the same year so he might need his own book too which will be alot easier being that alot of the BH stuff is already touched up and computer lettered... and there is less BH stuff in general.
     All this while I'm also trying to get issue five and six of the Va Voom mother ship done and ready for production, I have the majority of both books done and ready but we'll see how it goes... I'm not really drawing anything new because I have so much old stuff to work on and get out of the way before I can really think about drawing new material. The new computer and scanner have really made alot easier to get stuff done and I'm hoping to get more productive when I get the pad and pen for the laptop. Until next time... Catch ya' on the flipside...