Monday, April 4, 2011

“Don’t rip my face off, you damn dirty ape!!!"

Feb 19, 2009

         love the fact that chimpanzees are ripping people’s faces off... I know that sounds horrible, but come on, just because you train a wild animal to us the toilet don't stop it from secretly wanting to rip someone’s face off.  If you've ever seen any docs on chimps, they can be vicious in the wild, swinging little baby chimps like rag dolls, beating the shit out of each other.  And they took this chimp trained him to be in commercials, but he's still a chimp, and that's HOW THE FUCK THEY ROLL!!! Look I'm sorry as hell that that lady got her face ripped off, it wasn't even her chimp, and it should have ripped off the face of the lady that owned it. She's the dumb bitch that gave the thing Xanax, which has aggression as a side effect; how the fuck do you even know how Xanax will affect a chimp.  The lady was feeding it steak, lobster, and ice cream... Did you see the pic of it; the poor thing was one obese chimp... This lady taught it to shower, and drink wine from a stemmed glass, it even knew how to use the computer. Basically she had this chimp living like a human doing boring human things instead of chimp things.  Watching TV, eating junk food, instead of swinging around and flinging poo at people... NO WONDER IT WANTED TO RIP PEOPLES FACES OFF... Hell I'm human, I do all those boring human things, and let's face it sometimes yeah I'd like to rip people’s faces off, I don't of course, but sometimes I want to... well enough of this, until next time... GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE...  and catch ya on the flipside...

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