Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the fondness and abhorrence of geekdom.

Oct 8, 2005

     Oh how big of a geek I am let me count the ways. Okay I'm a geek. I know this. My friends know this. My wife is slowly finding this out and someday my kids will know this. This however is not the worst thing that can happen; my wife could cut off my penis and throw it out the window of a moving vehicle. See I am a geek and those of you film geeks out there will understand that last line. I am a geek, let me count the ways, film geek, music geek, poetry, literature, comic books, cartoons, pop culture, Star Wars, Sci-fi, I can talk about aliens at length it goes on and on. I am a geek and it has been good to me; however I'm what you a scatter shot geek, fired from a twelve gauge and who knows what the shot will hit. I'm also a chameleon; I can be a geek without most people ever knowing it, though other geeks can smell it a mile away. I can blend with in and watch football with a bunch of drunken Steelers fans, I'm a football geek. I'm not much in the way of math, computer or science geek, at least not in the practical science I like reading theoretical physics and I understand it, it’s about girl’s right? (I am such a geek). I pride myself at being a geek of all trades, a kind of renaissance geek. People have called me "cool" and seem to truly believe that I am cool but I know in the depths of my heart I am a geek and despite what others might think am not cool. I love being a geek, take pride in it but I also hate the faction of geeks who for lack of a better term ' take it to the limit'. The geeks I am talking about are the ones who hone in on one area and try to become the ultimate geek in that genre, be it Star Wars or comic books or what not there is always that population of geek land who will take it to such an extreme it makes other geeks sigh and say under their breath " looser.". These geeks bother me; I can't handle attempting a casual conversation with one of them. Nothing and I mean nothing ruins my day like getting locked into an ubergeek death match conversation with someone whose life so thoroughly revolves around one thing and one thing only. I'm talking about those one sided conversations I have with fellow geeks once they realize I'm a geek also and must rush to out geek me. Ten minute dissertations on Dr. Who, something that I'm casually geeked into or at least I was when I was twelve, Conversations from which one can't escape no matter how hard one ducks and weaves, about a subject no one should ever know so much about. It's fun to have long geek conversations but I need a wider variety of geek subject matter than just Star Wars, or video games. I'm not saying don't be a geek, be a geek, let your geek flag fly, but if you're a geek and you only have one thing to focus on I say expand your horizons. There are plenty of areas of study in the college of geek; no one says you have to be a one geek pony. Anyway until next time ' live long and prosper' and I catch ya' on the flipside.

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